Friday, 8 April 2016


My skin was playing havoc a little while ago and I was fed up with it.  I tend to get hot, itchy red spots around my chin and they were the bane of my life.  I felt embarrassed and self-concious and no matter what I used they just wouldn't leave. 

 I wanted to make a routine that cleared my skin and made me feel more confident.  I've never been to a dermatologist or ever suffered with acne for that matter but I just wanted to get my skin under control.  My main concern with my skin is dryness so hydrating products were the way to go for me. 

I cleanse my skin using the Olay Cleansing Milk with my Silvercrest Face Brush, removing any makeup from the day then polish my skin by exfoliating with the Botanics Face Scrub about three times a week, although it is gentle enough to use everyday before makeup, keeping my skin looking healthy and bright. I moisturise with the Botanics Hydrating Day Cream which is key for my parched skin and I find a little goes a long way.  I minimise any spots with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which reduces any redness and painful spots overnight.

These products are cheap, yet work wonders for my skin.  What do you use on your skin?

Isabelle x


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