Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Hi, I know I have been very absent of late but hopefully as summer is coming up I will be able to blog a lot more after my exams.  Anyway, hello to you reader and friend, yes you slumped over your laptop in the dark reading endless blog posts and stumbling across this one.  Recently, I got to meet some of my favourite celebs in London so I thought that I would share this experience with you.

Kate and Wills looked very regal

Personally I think Johnny Depp is not only one of my fave actors but he was the best waxwork that there was there.

We went to Harrods quickly (I say quickly- we spent about 2 hours looking at handbags) after Madame Tussauds but I did not take any pictures of that as I did not feel it was necessary because I think it is something to be marvelled at in your own time and I don't think I could have captured the same beauty in a photo.

  I did however take pictures of the London Eye which is where we ventured to at about 7pm.  This was the second time I have been on there, and I can honestly say that I never get tired of it because it is so breathtaking.  Before, I went in the daytime now I have to say that I much preferred it this time round because last time it was raining and grey skies were forming so you couldn't really see much which was disappointing.  However this time, because it was in the late afternoon/evening, all the lights in London were turned on which looked amazing and super pretty and I do honestly think this is the best time to go as you can still see the buildings and your photos do not turn out to just be a mixture of grainy black with blurry lights (we've all been there).

  I had a really great time with my family and it was lovely to spend the day in London as we do not go there very often, so it is always a treat!

Thanks for reading!