Friday, 30 August 2013


Usually, our summer holidays consists of my family either camping or being rained on and somehow we always, always wear our cagoules/raincoats.  Let's be honest Mum.  However it makes us laugh looking back at the photos:

 IOW 2008
But this year we thought enough is enough.  We did not want to be the people on the beach who are covered in sand and being blown about by the wind any longer.  So we decided to travel to Isla Canela which was beautiful.

The surrounding area had tall buildings but the land was quite flat and it had things to do nearby however it did not possess any major shops but mainly market stalls selling an array of items from jewellery to model ships.

 We stayed in a hotel called Meliá Atlántico which was extremely luxurious but very expensive and the loveliest hotel that I have been to.  It was very clean and the staff were very efficient and polite. 

This was the view from my room of the front of the hotel.

This is a cake we bought for my brother's birthday which was kindly made for us at the hotel and it was so delicious!  The food at the hotel was very good and presented as a buffet which caused a lot of over- eating but I enjoyed it anyway as each night they would have a different theme.  There was always a wide variety, even at breakfast which you could choose any number of things such as pastries, cereal, fresh bread, various hams, fruit and more. 

On one of the days we journeyed to Seville which is the hottest city in Spain and it was 39 degrees.  On a lot of the roads there was horse and carts which took you around the city. 

This is the outside of the bull ring which led to a little street with a few boutique shops.

We went to sightseeing and saw the Cathedral and Palace of Seville.  The interiors were incredible and they were laden with gold detailing and décor.

In the Cathedral we saw where Christopher Columbus was buried and his tomb was decorated extravagantly.

We then climbed up 35 slopes to get to the top of the Cathedral to the bell tower and by this time it was extremely hot in Seville but we saw some amazing sights from the top.

We went to the Palace after the Cathedral which was really intricate and had many secret rooms.

My brother trying to be a model.

The ceiling was encrusted (ooh love that word) with gold detailing.

This was the walkway leading out to one of the gardens.

Every night at the hotel there was some type of entertainment in the 'show bar' which I thoroughly enjoyed as there were performances from some of my favourite shows: Peter Pan (my absolute favourite), Grease and Mamma Mia! Other times there was Spanish flamenco dancing, Tina Turner tribute act and a magic show.

Flamenco dancing

Mamma Mia

Outside the hotel

We went for a walk in the town and around the harbour where all the restaurants were.

 We also went go-karting around the streets which was a lot of fun!

On our last day we had a relaxing time by the pool and the beach.

 Caesar salad I had for lunch at the hotel, along with a drink of red wine, soda water and lemonade.

 These were lovely views of the pool which I enjoyed whilst having my lunch.

Overall I felt this holiday was amazing and I have re-lived it writing this long blog post and I am sure you have too.  I took many more photos but I thought it would be best to share my favourite ones with you :)

Well done if you read this far! I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and other blog posts in the future.


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  1. OMG isabelle i so wish i went there too!! reminds me of when we went to Valencia awrh miss it so much xxx so glad that you enjoyed your holiday with your family :)